Crocodile sinners?

by Thomas Brooks-

The sinner never leaves his sin till sin first leaves him.

Did not death put a stop to his sin,
he would never cease from sin.

This may be illustrated by a similitude thus--
a company of gamesters resolve to play all night; their candle,
accidentally or unexpectedly, goes out, or is put out, or burns out.
Their candle being out, they are forced to give over their game,
and go to bed in the dark. But had the candle lasted all night,
they would have played all night.

This is every sinner's case in regard of sin-- did not
death put out the candle of life, the sinner would sin still.

Should the sinner live forever, he would sin forever;
and, therefore, it is a righteous thing with God to
punish him forever in hellish torments.

Every impenitent sinner would sin to the days of eternity,
if he might live to the days of eternity.

I have read of the crocodile, that he knows no maximum size,
he is always growing bigger and bigger, and never comes to a
certain pitch of monstrosity so long as he lives.

Likewise, every habituated sinner would, if he were let alone,
be a monster, perpetually growing worse and worse.