Awake! Awake!

-Spurgeon, from his sermon, " Awake! Awake!"

The mass of mankind are ignorant of spiritual things--
of the divine person of the adorable Redeemer they have
no idea; of the sweet enjoyments of a life of piety they can
not even make a guess; toward the high enthusiasms and
the inward raptures of the Christian, they cannot mount.

Talk to them of divine doctrines, and they are to them a
riddle. Tell them of sublime experiences, and they seem to
them to be enthusiastic fancies. They know nothing of the
joys that are to come.

Alas! for them, they are oblivious of the evils which shall
happen to them, if they go on in their iniquity.
But, blind-folded by the ignorance of this world,
they march on through the paths of lust to that sure and
dreadful end-- the everlasting ruin of their souls.

They are standing on the brink of hell, but they tremble
not. The anger of God is burning against them, but they
fear not. The sword of Jehovah is unsheathed, but terror
does not seize upon them.

They proceed with the merry dance;
they drink the bowl of intoxicating pleasure;
they revel and they riot;
still do they sing the lascivious song.

Yes, they do more than this--
in their vain dreams they do defy the Most High.
Whereas, if they were once awakened to the
consciousness of their state, the marrow of their bones
would melt, and their heart would dissolve like wax in the
midst of their bowels.

They are spiritually asleep, indifferent and unconscious.