-Spurgeon, "The Honored Guest"

You never know how bad man is
till he comes in contact with the Cross.

To despise the grace of Jesus,
to reject the love of God,
to conspire against the Ambassador of peace,
to take the inhuman, devilish counsel--
"This is the heir; let us kill him!"

This is the greatest offence of human nature, when it says,
in effect-- "This is the Incarnate God, let us reject him;
this is the Word made flesh, let us traduce him;
this is the Father's beloved Son--let us betray him!"

Oh! Human Nature, how blind must be your heart, how
seared your conscience, not to see the beauties of Christ!

How base must you be to despise the love
and tenderness of such a Savior!

Ah! brethren, this is a miserable spectacle--
It is a dreary sight to see a sinner despising mercy,
a drowning man rejecting the life-belt,
a sick man declining the physician,
a man entering the gates of death refusing life and immortality.

Oh! sin, how you have befooled men!
How you have made them hate themselves,
and act cruelly to their own souls!
What suicides they commit!
What a sacrifice of their noblest nature!
They have destroyed themselves!
They reject him shamefully whom
they should have received joyfully.
They carry out their own will,
and they perish in their wilfulness.