From Spurgeon's, "Love's Vigilance Rewarded"

I shall never understand, even in heaven,
why the Lord Jesus should ever have loved me.

I can say to Jesus what David said in his lamentation
over Jonathan, "Your love to me was wonderful,
passing the love of women."

There is no love like it, and why was it fixed upon me?

Have you never felt that you could go in, like David,
and sit before the Lord, and say, "Who am I, O Lord God?
and what is my house, that you have brought me hitherto?"

Yet wonderful as it is, it is true; Jesus loves you,
loves you now at this very moment.

Do you not rejoice in it?

I assure you that, in the least drop of the love of Christ
when it is consciously realized, there is more sweetness
than there would be in all heaven without it.

Talk of bursting barns, overflowing wine-vats, and riches
treasured up; these give but a poor solace to the heart.

But "the love of Jesus" -this is another word for heaven;
and it is a marvel that even while we are here below we should
be permitted to enjoy a bliss beyond what the angels know, for
"Never did angels taste above,
Redeeming grace and dying love."