Unimpeachable Justice!

From Spurgeon's sermon, "Unimpeachable Justice"

One of the miseries of hell will be that the
sinner himself will feel that he deserves it all.

Tossed on a wave of fire he will see written in every
spark that emanates therefrom--
"You knew your duty, and you did it not."

Tossed back again by another wave of flame,
he hears a voice saying, "Remember, you were warned!"

He is hurled upon a rock, and while he is being wrecked there,
a voice says, "I told you it would be better for
Tyre and Sidon in the day of judgment than for you."

Again he plunged under another wave of brimstone,
and a voice says, "He that believes not shall be damned;
you did not believe, and you are here."

And when again he is hurled up and down on some wave of torture,
each wave shall bear to him some dreadful sentence,
which he read in God's Word, in a tract, or in a sermon.

The unrepentant sinner himself will say--
"O Lord, it is true I am now tossed in fire,
but I myself lit the flame.
It is true that I am tormented,
but I forged the irons which now confine my limbs;
I made the bricks that have built my dungeon;
I myself did bring myself here.
I walked to hell, even as a fool goes to the stocks,
or an ox to the slaughter.
I sharpened the knife which is now cutting my vitals.
I nursed the viper which is now devouring my heart.
I sinned, which is the same as saying that I damned myself;
for to sin is to damn myself--the two words are synonymous."

Sin is damnation's sire!
Sin is the root, and damnation is the horrible
flower which must inevitably spring from it.

Ay, my dear unbelieving friends, I tell you yet again, there will
be nothing more obvious before the throne of God than the fact,
that God will be just when he sends you to hell.
You will feel that then, even though you do not feel it now.