True beauty...

From Spurgeon's, "Gleanings Among the Sheaves"

There is a thing called 'beauty', which prevails upon the hearts
of men. Mighty men, not a few, have bowed before it and paid it
homage. But if you want true beauty, look into the face of Jesus,
for there you have the concentration of all loveliness.

There is no beauty anywhere but in Christ.

O sun, you are not fair, when once compared with Him.
O fair world and grand creation of a glorious God, you are but
a dim and dusky blot compared with the splendors of His face.

When we shall see Christ, we shall be compelled to say that we
never knew what loveliness was before. When the clouds are
swept away, when the curtains which hide Him from our view
are drawn aside, we shall find that not anything we have seen or
heard of, grand or graceful, in the wide universe, will bear a
moment's comparison with Him, who was once seen as a root out
of a dry ground, but shall presently fill heaven and earth with
luster and gladden all hearts with His glory.