That infallible Eye!

Spurgeon, "Two Coverings and Two Consequences"

Do I address anyone who is just now practicing a 'secret' sin?

Believe me, your sin is known.
Dexterous though you have been in the attempt to conceal it,
it has been seen. As surely as you live, it has been seen.

"By whom?" say you.

Ah! by One who never forgets what he sees,
and will be sure to tell of it.

He may commission a little bird of the air to whisper it.
Certainly he will one day proclaim it by
the sound of trumpet to listening worlds.

You are watched, sir; you are known.

You have been closely observed, young girl; those
things you have hidden away will be brought to light,
for God is the great discoverer of sin.

His eye has marked you;
his providence will track you.

It is vain to think that you can conceal your transgressions.

Before high heaven, disguise is futile.

Yes, the darkness does not hide you; the night shines as the day.

That infallible Eye
which never mistakes, is never closed.

He knows everything; from him no secret is hid.
Why, therefore, do you imagine that you can deceive your Maker?

"Be sure your sin will find you out."

You may run the length of your tether. It is short.
The hounds of justice, swift of scent and strong of limb,
are on your trail.

Rest assured, you will be discovered.