Slaves of lust, pleasure, self, and Satan!

Spurgeon, "Truth Stranger than Fiction" #2081.

None toil harder than those who are the
slaves of lust, pleasure, self, and Satan!

The way of transgressors is hard.

They have to toil and slave, and tug and
strive; for the yoke of the world is not easy,
and its burden is not light. But nothing comes
of it; and this is the gall of the bitterness.

One does not mind working when there is
good reward for it; but to plough and sow,
and then to reap nothing, this is misery.

The wage sweetens the toil; but when
the wages is death, the toil is horrible.

Yet this is the way of unregenerate men:
they spend years in laboriously rebelling,
and the harvest is not after their desire.
They toil under the impulse of some strong
desire, and their desire perishes. They work,
they slave, but nothing comes of it.

The ungodly man, the man who has no faith
in Christ, is often charmed with the prospect
of a happiness which he never reaches.

A 'little more', and he will be content.

He gets a little more; and this increases his
thirst for yet another draught from the golden
cup. Earth's cups, when they seem most sweet,
only hold brine draughts, which beget a growing
thirst; an insatiable craving follows.

The years of sin are years of labor,
and years of bitter disappointment.