God's first and greatest object?


GOD'S first and greatest object is his own glory.

There was a time, before all time, when there was no day,
except the Ancient of days- when God dwelt alone in the
magnificence of his sublime solitude.

Whether he should create, or not create was a question
depending upon the answer to another question-
"Would it be to his honor or not?"

He determined that he would glorify himself by creating;
but, in creating, beyond all doubt, his motive was his own glory.

And since that time, he has ever ruled the earth,
and blessed it with the same object in his infinite mind-
his own glory and honor.

A lesser motive for God to have, would be less than divine.

The very highest virtue of God is for him to magnify himself
in all his greatness as the Infinite and the Eternal.

Whatever, then, God permits or does, he does
with this one motive- his own glory.

And even salvation, costly though it was,
and infinitely a benefaction to us, had for its first
object, and for its grand result, the exaltation of the
Being and of the attributes of the Supreme Ruler.

It is the highest position to which you or I could attain--
to live for God.