Monuments of his mercy?

From Spurgeon's, "THE SILVER TRUMPET"

Christ is a great Savior to meet the great
transgressions of great rebels with a great salvation.

The vast machinery of redemption was never
undertaken for a little purpose.

There must be a great end in so great a plan,
carried out at so great an expense,
guaranteed with such great promises,
and intended to bring such great glory to God.

The 'plan of salvation' has in it all the wisdom of God.
The 'purchase of salvation' has in it the fullness of the grace
of God. The 'application of salvation' is an exhibition of the
exceeding greatness of the power of God, and all these
three attributes in their greatness could not have conspired
together for any but a great and marvelous purpose.

There is no knowing how long God's arm is, these is no telling
how precious Christ's blood is, until you have felt the power
of it yourself, and then you will wonder as long as you live,
even through eternity, and you will be astonished to think
that the blood of Christ could save such a wretch as you are,
and make YOU the monument of his mercy.