The love of God!

Spurgeon, "The Love of God and the Patience of Christ"

"May the Lord direct your hearts
into the love of God..." 2 Thes. 3:5

Believer, God loves you as much as if there
were nobody else in all the world to love!

God can pour the infinite love of His heart
upon one object and yet, for all that, can
love ten thousand times ten thousand of
His creatures just as much.

Your Father loves each child as if He had no other!

Peer into this abyss of love!

Plunge into this sea!

Dive into this depth unsearchable!

Oh, that God might direct you into the
immeasurable greatness of this love!

Enter into this love by remembering its
antiquity. Some fight the great truth of
the eternal electing love of God. But to
me it is as wafers made with honey.

What music lies in that sentence, "Yes,
I have loved you with an everlasting love!"

When this great world, the sun, and moon
and stars, had not yet flashed the morning
of their little day, the Lord Jehovah loved
His people with an everlasting love.

In the Divine purposes, before the Lord
created the heavens and the earth, God
loved His own people.

He had chosen you, thought of you, provided
for you and made ten thousand forecasts of
loving kindness towards you before the earth was.

Beloved believer, you were engraved
on the hands of Christ even then!

Oh that the Lord would direct you into the
antiquity of His love. It shall make you greatly
prize that love to think that it had no beginning
and shall never, never have an end.

Again, think of the love of God as to its
infallible constancy. The unchangeable
Jehovah never ceases to love His people.

The love of God abides forever the same.
Since you have known Him He has never varied
in His love to you. When your love has grown
cold He has loved you. When you have grown
cruel He has loved you.

You have grievously provoked Him till He has
taken down His rod and made you smart. But
He has loved you in the smiting. With God
there is as much love in chastening as in caressing.

He never abates in fervor towards His ancient friends.

He has said, "I am the Lord. I change not.
Therefore you sons of Jacob are not consumed."

I ask the Lord to direct us into the immutability
of His Divine love, for this is a great medicine in
the day of soul trouble. Whatever condition you
may be in, the Lord is still active in love towards you.

All true love goes towards purification.
And the true love of God goes that way
with an invincible current that can never
be turned aside. O believer, your God
loves you so well that He will not let
a darling sin stay in your heart. He
loves you so strongly that He will not
spare any iniquity in you.

The knowledge of His love will make your
heart as sweet and aromatic as a chamber
in which a box of precious ointment has
been broken.

Oh, that you might be led into the innermost
secret of the Lord's love till it shall saturate
you, influence you, take possession of you,
carry you away!

Beloved, let the love of God to you flow into
your hearts and abide there until it settles
down and bears on its surface the cream
of love to God, yielded by your own heart.

The only way to love God is to let God's
love to you dwell in your soul until it
transforms your soul into itself.

Love to God grows out of the love of God.

"May the Lord direct your hearts
into the love of God..." 2 Thes. 3:5