Spurgeon, "Fire: the Want of the Times"

Of all things under heaven, the most

is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The gospel demands obedience to itself.

Within its own realm its power is absolute.

Its arguments cut and kill error.

Its teachings lay low every proud
hope, and expose every false way.

The gospel is merciful to the
sinner, but merciless to sin.

It will not endure evil, but wars against
it to overturn it, and to set up a throne
for him whose right it is to reign.

The gospel of Jesus Christ will never
join hands with infidelity or Popery.

It will never enter into league with idolatry.

It cannot be at peace with error.

False religions can lie down side by side
with one another, for they are equally a lie,
and there is a brotherhood between them.

But the true religion, will never rest until
all superstitions are utterly exterminated,
and until the banner of the King eternal,
immortal, invisible, shall wave over every
mosque and minaret, temple and shrine.