Infinite, boundless, fathomless, endless love!

From Spurgeon's, "CONSTRAINING LOVE"

We sometimes guess at Christ's love to us, but, ah, it is
so far beyond our thoughts, our reasonings, our praises,
and our apprehension too, in the sweetest moments of
our most spiritual ecstasy-- who can tell it?

There was nothing in you to make him love you,
but he left heaven's throne for you!

As he came down the celestial hills, methinks the angels said,
"Oh, how he loved them." When he lay in the manger an infant,
they gathered round and said, "Oh how he loves." But when
they saw him sweating in the garden, when he was put into the
crucible, and began to be melted in the furnace, then indeed,
the spirits above began to know how much he loved us.

Oh Jesus! when I see you mocked and spit upon-- when I see your
dear cheeks become a reservoir for all the filth and spittle
of unholy mouths-- when I see your back rent with knotted
whips-- when I behold your honor and your life both trailing
in the dust-- when I behold your hands and your feet pierced,
your body stripped naked and exposed-- when I see you hanging
on the cross between earth and heaven, in torments dire and
excruciating-- when I hear you cry "I thirst," and see the
vinegar thrust to your lips-- when I hear your direful cry,
"My God, my God, why have you forsaken me,"
my spirit is compelled to say, "Oh how he loves!"

He could die, but he could not cease to love.
He could be torn in pieces, but he could not
be torn away from his people.

He bled for you.
He gave his whole self for you.
There was not a single nerve in his body
which did not thrill with love to you.
There was not a drop his of blood which
had not in its red fluid your name.

Oh how he loved you, when he received you all
black and filthy to his bosom, gave you the kiss of
his lips, and welcomed you as his own fair spouse.

May we have a consciousness of his infinite,
boundless, fathomless, endless love to us.

"Oh love the Lord all his saints." -Psalm 31:23.