From Spurgeon's sermon, "CONSTRAINING LOVE"

"Oh love the Lord all his saints." -- Psalm 31:23.

If you want beauty, look into the face of Jesus--
that marred visage has more loveliness in it than in all the
smiles of Cleopatra or of the fabled maidens of days of yore.

There is no beauty anywhere but in Christ!
O sun, you are not fair, when once compared with him.
You stars, you are not bright, if you are set side-by-side
with his eyes, that burn like lamps of fire.
O fair world, and grand creation of a glorious God, you are but
a dim and dusky blot compared with the splendors of his face.

When you shall see Christ in glory, you will be compelled
to say that you never knew what loveliness was before.
When the clouds are swept away, when the curtains that hide
him from your view are drawn aside, you will find that not
anything you have seen will stand a moment's comparison with him.

You will be ready to break out, "O, black sun, black moon,
dark stars, as compared with my lovely Lord Jesus."

Oh, think of the matchless character of Christ Jesus!
Were there ever such perfections as meet in him?
He has not the excellency of one man,
but of all men, without the faults of any.

We must coin new words before we can describe the excellencies
of Christ! In fact, we must be done with tongues, and go into
that land where spirits utter their thoughts without the motion
of lip or the expiration of breath, before we shall be able to
express the surpassing beauty, the unuttered excellency of the
glorious character of Christ!

Love Jesus, for there never was such
beauty in the world as there is in him.

It is your privilege to love him with all the force
and vehemence of your ransomed renovated nature,
giving up all your spirit to be devoured by that
consecrated fire of love to the Lord Jesus Christ.

"Oh love the Lord all his saints." -- Psalm 31:23.