His all-conquering loveliness!

From Spurgeon's sermon, "The Best Beloved"

Do you recollect the first sight you ever had of Christ?

It was on a day when your eyes were red with weeping
over sin, and you expected to see the Lord dressed in
anger coming forth to destroy you.

Oh, it was the happiest sight I ever saw--
when I beheld my sins rolling into his sepulchre
and when looking up, I beheld him my substitute
bleeding on the tree.

Altogether lovely was he that day.

We love him because we cannot help it, for his
all-conquering loveliness
has quite ravished our hearts.

Oh that we might love our Lord for his own sake,
love him because he is so supremely beautiful
that a glimpse of him has won our hearts,
and made him dearer to our eyes than light.

"Yes, he is altogether lovely." Solomon's Song 5:16.