The handkerchief!

From Spurgeon's, THE COMFORTER

It is love alone which can reach the mourning heart.
Love is the only handkerchief which can wipe the
mourner's tears away.

Do you know, O saint, how much the He loves you?
Can you measure the love of the Spirit.
Do you know how great is the affection of his soul
towards you?

Go, measure heaven with your span;
go, weigh the mountains in the scales;
go, take the ocean's water, and calculate each drop;
go count the sand upon the sea's wide shore,
and when you have accomplished this,
you can tell how much he loves you.
He has loved you long, he has loved you well;
he loved you ever and he still shall love you.

Surely he is the person to comfort you, because he loves.
Admit him, then, to your heart, O Christian,
that he may comfort you in your distress.

"Ah! but I have sinned." So you have, but sin cannot
sever you from his love; he loves you still.

Think not, O poor downcast child of God, because the scars
of your old sins have marred your beauty, that he loves you
less because of that blemish.

Oh, no! He loved you when he foreknew your sin;
he loved you with the knowledge of what the aggregate of
your wickedness would be; and he does not love the less now.