God Rules!

by Don Fortner

Our God is in control of this world- absolutely in control of it
(Ps. 76:10). God, and God alone, is in absolute, total control of
the entire universe. We can and should trust Him with implicit
confidence in all things, and with all things. The Word of God, the
promises of God, the prophecies of Holy Scripture are all utterly
meaningless unless our God is the God who rules everything,
whose will is always performed, whose purpose stands fast,
whose thoughts are irresistible!

Here is the basis of our faith and the foundation of our comfort-
Our God is in control- as fully in control of Satan, the demons of
hell, and the thoughts and deeds of wicked men as he is of the
angels about his throne. We live in a world of woe. We are often
tossed to and fro in this world, confused and perplexed by many
things. Let us ever rest ourselves in our God.

"All things are of God." All things are ordered by our heavenly
Father for our good. All things are arranged by God's infinite wisdom
and omnipotent arm for his glory. Nothing is beyond his dominion.

If the god you trust can be controlled, hindered, or even
influenced by you, by Satan, or by all the powers of earth and
hell, then the god you trust is no God at all, and you are an

Our God is not a spectator or even a competitor in this world.
He is the Ruler of it. Salvation is knowing him, the only true
and living God as he is revealed in the Lord Jesus Christ his
Son, the God-man, our Savior (John 17:3).
He who is our God is the only God you can trust.