"He who worships the true God
detests and loathes idols." (Spurgeon)

(the following is by Don Fortner)

God the Father, in eternity past, before
the world began, chose a people whom
he determined to save and sovereignly
predestinated all things that ever come
to pass to secure, absolutely and infallibly,
the salvation of his elect people.

God the Son died upon the cursed tree as
their Substitute to "save his people from
their sins" By the satisfaction of divine justice,
through the shedding of his blood, Christ has
put away the sins of his people and brought in
an everlasting righteousness for them. The Son
of God, dying for God's elect, has effectually
obtained eternal redemption for them. Those
for whom Christ suffered the wrath of God can
never, for any reason or to any degree, suffer
God's wrath. Justice will not allow it!

God the Holy Spirit regenerates, calls, and
preserves each of God's elect by infallible
grace, effectually applying the blood of Christ
to those chosen by the Father in eternity
and redeemed by the Son at Calvary.

This is our God, the effectual,
sovereign, saving God.

There is no other God but him.

Any other god, called by whatever name,
any god that is not totally sovereign,
irresistibly effectual, and completely
successful in the salvation of his people
is no God at all, but only the idolatrous
figment of man's imagination!

Idolatry is as much a problem in America as
it was among the heathen of Isaiah's day.
I say, without hesitancy or apology, that
the god of modern, Arminian, freewill religion,
the god of our families and friends,
the god many of us once claimed to worship,
is a false god, a base, abominable idol!

"He who worships the true God
detests and loathes idols." -Spurgeon