The fire of God's anger!

by Thomas Vincent

The fire of God's anger
before it breaks
forth into so vehement a flame may now
be quenched by the blood of Jesus Christ;
and the fire of hell may be prevented.
But hereafter it will be too late.
No sacrifice will be accepted then to
appease God's wrath, and if all the
waters of the sea could be poured upon
the flames of hell fire, they could not put
them out. This fire will be ever burning, and
the damned will be ever tormented therein.
Extremity and eternity are the two most
bitter ingredients of the damned's torments.
Who can set forth the eternity of the
wicked's punishment in hell fire?

This eternity is immeasurable.

It is incomprehensible.

How long will eternity last?

When will eternity end?

As long as heaven shall continue to be
heaven, and God shall continue to be
God, and the saints shall be happy in
the enjoyment of God; so long shall the
wicked be tormented in the fire of hell.
We may apprehend the everlastingness of
this fire of hell, but we cannot comprehend it.