Dignity of human nature?

Spurgeon, "David Dancing Before the Ark"

Dignity of flesh which goes to corruption and the worm?

Let those who will, extol the creature of an
hour; I glorify the Creator, who is everlasting.

Fallen human nature deserves no praise!

We are worse than the worms we tread upon!

It is not easy to find terms humiliating
enough to describe the degradation
into which sin has brought us, and the
helplessness in which sin has left us,
and the need of Sovereign Grace to
save us from perishing forever.

God will not endure that man should magnify
himself. He has purposed to stain the pride
of all boasting and to bring into contempt all
the excellent of the earth.

You will not find a doctrine in God's Word
which flatters human nature. Rather, you
will find great truths which lay our nature
among the diseased, the condemned and
the dead.