Better than any earthly pleasure!

from Spurgeon's sermon, A REFRESHING CANTICLE

The impression which the love of Christ makes
on the true believer is far greater and deeper than
the impression which is made by anything earthly.

Mere mortal joys write their record on the sand,
and their memory is soon effaced; but Christ's
love is like an inscription cut deeply into marble,
the remembrance of it is deeply engraven in our hearts.

The joy of the creature is something like a lithograph
cut lightly on the stone; when the stone is cleaned, the
picture is gone; but the love of Christ is like the steel
engraving, it is deeply cut, and cannot be easily erased.

Earthly joys tread with light feet, and leave but a faint
impression; but the love of Christ treads into the very
core of our soul at every footstep, and therefore it is
that we remember it better than we remember any
earthly pleasure.