The altogether lovely One!

from Spurgeon's, "THE SAINT AND HIS SAVIOR"

What is there more wonderful and precious than Christ?
Men do not know the gold which lies in the mine of
Christ or surely they would dig for it night and day.
They have not yet discovered the 'pearl of great price,'
or they would have sold all they had to buy the field
in which it lies.

Words of eloquence fail to describe the person of Christ-
it paralyzes the artist's arm when he would try to
portray him; it would overwhelm the sculptor to carve
his image- even were it possible to chisel it in a
massive block of diamond.

There is nothing in nature comparable to him.
In comparison to his radiance the brilliance of the
sun is nothing but a dim light; yes, nothing can rival
him, and heaven itself blushes at its own plainness
when his 'altogether lovely' person is beheld.