A history of fools?

-Spurgeon, "God Justified, Though Man Believes Not"

The history of philosophy is a history of fools--
a history of human folly.

Man has gone from one form of philosophy to another,
and every time that he has altered his philosophy,
he has only made a slight variation in the same things.

Philosophy is like a kaleidoscope.
The philosopher turns it round, and exclaims that he has a
new view of things.
So he has; but all that he sees is a few bits of glass,
which alter their form at every turn of the toy.

If any of you shall live fifty years, you will see that the
philosophy of today, will be a football of contempt for the
philosophy of that future period.
They will speak, amidst roars of laughter, of evolution;
and the day will come, when there will not be a child but will
look upon it as being the most foolish notion that ever
crossed the human mind.

I am not a prophet, nor the son of a prophet; but I know
what has befallen many of the grand discoveries of the great
philosophers of the past; and I expect that the same thing will
happen again.