A god to himself? (part 2)

Octavius Winslow's "The Believer a Temple"

"The carnal mind is enmity against God;"
that enmity showing itself in a thousand ways,
principally in its seeking to dethrone God.

From his affections he has dethroned Him.

"Who is the Lord God, that I should obey him?"

To eject Him from the throne of His moral
government in the universe is the great
and constant aim of the carnal mind.

If this is not so, why this perpetual war against
God; against His being, His law, His will, His
supreme authority to govern and reign? Why
this refusal to acknowledge and obey Him?

Oh, there is no mystery in the case!

Man has revolted from God and, having thrown
off all allegiance to Him as his Sovereign, he
seeks to be a god to himself.

Self is to him what Jehovah once was;
the object of supreme delight.

Having cast out God, he moves in a circle
of which he himself is the center.

All he does is from self, and for self.

From this all the lines diverge,
and to this they all again return.