A god to himself?

Winslow, "The Soul Before Conversion"

The unsaved man is a god to himself,
and he has many other gods as well.

Whether it be....
self righteousness,
self gratification,
the world,
in whatever form it appears, "other lords
have dominion over him," to the exclusion
of the one true and living God.

The nature of the human mind is such that it
must love and worship some object supremely.

In his state of innocence, Jehovah was the one and
supreme object of the creature's love and adoration.

Seduced from that state of simple and supreme
affection by the tempter's promise that, if they
ate of the fruit of the tree forbidden by God,
"they should be as gods;" in one moment they
threw off their allegiance to Jehovah, renounced
him as the object of their supreme love, the
center of their holiest affections, and became
gods to themselves!

The temple was ruined,
the altar was thrown down,
the pure flame was extinguished,
God departed and "other lords"
entered and took possession of the soul.

But what a change does grace produce!

It repairs the temple,
rebuilds the altar,
rekindles the flame and
brings God back to man!

Christ is now the supreme object of...
his love,
his adoration and
his worship.

The idol self has been cast down,
self righteousness renounced, and
self exaltation crucified.

The affections, released from their false
deity and renewed by the Spirit, now turn
to and take up their rest in God.

How glorious does Jesus now appear!

Truly it is a new God the soul is brought to know and love!

Never did it see in Him...
such beauty,
such excellence,
such blessedness
as it now sees.

All other glory fades and dies
before the surpassing glory of...
His character,
His attributes,
His government, and
His law.

God says, "You are mine."

The soul responds, "You are my God! Other lords
have had dominion over me, but henceforth, You
only will I serve, You only will I love. My soul
follows hard after You; Your right hand upholds me."

The regenerate soul possesses and acknowledges a new
Savior. How glorious, suitable and precious is Jesus to
him now! Not so formerly. Then he had his saviors, his
"refuges of lies," his many fatal confidences. Jesus was
to him as "a root out of a dry ground, having no form
nor loveliness." It may be that he denied His deity,
rejected His atonement, scorned His grace and slighted
His pardon and His love.

Christ is all to him now! He adores Him as the "mighty
God, the everlasting Father, the Prince of peace."

Oh, how surpassingly glorious, inimitably lovely and
unutterably precious is Jesus to a renewed soul!

Truly a new Savior!

"Other lords" he has renounced.

"Refuges of lies" he has turned his back upon.

"False Christs" he no longer follows.

He has found another and a better Savior;
Jesus, the mighty God, the Redeemer of sinners!

All is 'new' to his recovered sight!

A new world of glory has floated before his mind!

Jesus the Lamb is the light and glory thereof.

Never did he suppose there was....
such beauty in His person,
such love in His heart,
such perfection in His work,
such power and
such willingness to save.

That blood which was trampled under foot is now precious.

That righteousness which was scorned is now glorious.

That name which was reviled is now as music to
the soul, even "a name that is above every name."