We confess with shame

Henry Law, "Family Prayers")

O Eternal God, who alone has immortality, ever living in glory, unchanged, unchangeable, bend down Your ear to hear. We confess with shame—past hours wasted in unprofitable reading and other worldly entertainments. If future days are ours—guide us that no more time be squandered in vain pursuits.

Impress on our minds . . .
  the shortness of time,
  the work to be done,
  the account to be rendered,
  the nearness of eternity,
  the misery of lamps expired, when the voice of the Bridegroom is heard.

May we never forget that . . .
  Your eye always sees us;
  Your ear always hears us;
  Your recording hand commits all to a book of remembrance;
  all hidden works must be unveiled at the judgment day!

Above all things—may we seek Your favor!

Above all things—may we dread Your frown!

May Christ be the pulse of our hearts.

May He speak in every word of our lips.

May He shine in every step of our earthly walk.

Grant our requests, for His dear sake. Amen.