The Devil's trap!

(Thomas Brooks, "A String of Pearls" 1657)

"Then they may come to their senses and escape
 the Devil's trap—having been captured by him
 to do his will." 2 Timothy 2:26

It is the common misery of all the unsaved—that the
devil is their god. His drudges they are, and his lusts
they do. However Satan may provide his slaves with
various pleasures—yet it is but to draw them into
endless perdition. O dreadful case!

The serpent comes with the fruit in his mouth, but,
like Eve—you do not see the deadly sting! He who is
now your tempter—will one day be your tormentor!
O that I could but make you see how bad a master
you serve, how merciless a tyrant you gratify; whose
pleasure is to make your perdition and damnation
sure, and to heat the furnace hotter and hotter in
which you must burn for millions and millions of ages!