Three lovely sisters

(Excerpt from a letter of Legh Richmond)

I assure you that "knowing the terrors of the Lord," I would "persuade men" with all truth, earnestness, and sincerity—to flee from the wrath to come, and throw themselves and their sins at the foot of the cross—with true repentance and faith.

Faith is the hand which stretches forth to receive the benefits of Christ's blood! Faith is the soul of the spiritual life, and the grand distinguishing characteristic of the true Christian from the false. Faith is the touchstone of Christianity; and the burning coal which sets fire to the sacrifice on the altar. Faith is the sun which enlightens the wilderness of the world; and the lantern which guides our feet through the valley of the shadow of death.

True faith never can be separated from hope and love. They are three lovely sisters which take up their dwelling in the heart—when it becomes the temple of the Holy Spirit. Their parent is God; and their offspring are righteous works. How do these three lovely sisters shine forth in the midst of a vain and wicked world—like a candle set upon a hill in a dark and gloomy night!