Before the Lord saved me

(Legh Richmond, "The Dairyman's Daughter")

Before the Lord saved me—I was a proud, thoughtless girl, fond of dress and finery. I loved the world and the things that are in the world. I went once on a Sunday to church, more to see and be seen—than to pray, or hear the Word of God. I thought I was quite good enough to be saved, and disliked and often laughed at pious people. I was in great darkness; I knew nothing of the way of salvation; I never prayed, nor was sensible of the dreadful danger of a prayerless state. I was tolerably moral and decent in my conduct, from motives of carnal and worldly policy; but I was a stranger to God and Christ. I neglected my soul; and had I died in such a state, hell must, and would justly, have been my portion!

But He who loved me with an everlasting love—drew me by His loving kindness, showed me the way of peace, and taught me that, while without Him I could do nothing—yet I could do all things through His strength!

I was convinced of my own guilt—and Jesus is my 'Righteousness'.

I saw my corruption—and Jesus is my 'Sanctification'.

I felt my slavery to sin and Satan—and Jesus is my 'Redemption'.