A perfect pattern for us to follow

(Arthur Pink, "The Example of Christ")

"Learn of Me--for I am gentle and humble in heart."
Matthew 11:29

"Learn of Me." Christ is not only the great Teacher of His Church--but He is also the grand Exemplar set before His people. Christ did more than proclaim the Truth--He Himself was the living embodiment of it. He did more than utter the will of God--He was the personal exemplification of it. The Divine requirements were perfectly set forth in the very character and conduct of the Lord Jesus.

Not only was there no error whatever in His teaching--but there was not the slightest blemish in His character--or flaw in His conduct. Thus, the very life that He lived, presents to us a perfect standard of holiness--a perfect pattern for us to follow. "He has left us an example--that we should follow His steps." 1 Peter 2:21

The best of men--are but men at the best. They all have their errors and defects, and therefore, wherein they differ from Christ--it is our duty to differ from them. No mere man, however wise or holy he may be--is a perfect rule for other men. The standard of perfection is found in Christ alone. He alone, is the rule of every Christian's way and walk.

"Learn of Me." Christ, then, teaches His disciples not only by precept--but by example; not only by word of mouth--but chiefly by His own perfect life of obedience and submission to the Father's will.

"Learn of Me--for I am gentle and humble in heart." He Himself was giving a personal exemplification of gentleness and humility. O what a perfect Teacher, showing us in His own utter selflessness, what these lovely graces really are! Gentleness and humility revealed themselves in all that the Redeemer said and did.

Those heavenly graces, which are the roots from which all other spiritual excellencies spring--can only be learned from Christ. The colleges and seminaries cannot impart them; preachers and churches cannot bestow them; no self-culture can attain unto them. They can only be learned experimentally and vitally--at the feet of Christ, as we take our proper place in the dust before Him. They can only be learned as we commune with Him day by day, and drink more deeply of His spirit. They can only be learned as we ponder the details of His recorded life, and then follow the example which He has left us. They can only be learned as we turn those pondering into earnest prayers that we may be more fully conformed unto His holy image.

"Learn of Me." It is not merely to an intellectual learning of Him, which Christ here calls us--but to an experimental, practical, effectual, and transforming learning. Christianity is far more than an orthodox creed and ethical code--it is a being practically conformed to the image of God's Son. The gentleness and humility of Christ, must be the pattern of our character and conduct.