We will be like Him!

(Octavius Winslow, "Eternal Glorification")

"We know that when He comes we will be like Him,
 for we will see Him as He really is." 1 John 3:2

Perfect holiness is the eternal glory of the saints!

The very utterance of the thought seems to awaken
music in the soul. Seeing Christ as He is, and knowing
Him as we are known—we also shall be like Him.

Oh, what a conception! What a thought!

No more elements of evil working like leaven in the soul.

No more traces and fetters of corruption.

No more evil heart of unbelief, perpetually departing from God.

No more desperate depravity.

No more sin warring within.

No more temptation assailing from without.

All is perfect holiness now!

The outline of the Divine image is complete,
for the believer has awakened in the finished
likeness of his Lord!

Extirpate all sin—and you have erased all sorrow!

Complete the grace—and you have perfected the glory!

You then have chased all sadness from the
heart, and have dried all tears from the eye.

That glory will be the glory of unsullied purity.

Nothing of sin remains but its recollection; and that
recollection but heightens our conception of the
preciousness of the blood—that shall have effaced
every stain, and of the greatness and sovereignty
of that grace—which shall have brought us there.