What tears can quench that fire?

(Thomas Watson)

Sin has . . .
  the devil for its father,
  shame for its companion,
  and death for its wages!

See the evil effects of sin!

Sin has corrupted us. As poison corrupts
the blood—so sin corrupts the soul.

Sin has degraded us of our honor. God made us
in His own image—but sin has made us like devils!
"You are of your father the Devil—and you want
 to carry out your father’s desires!" John 8:44.

Sin disquiets the peace of the soul.
"There is no
peace, for the wicked." Isaiah 57:21. Whatever
defiles—disturbs. Sin creates fears—and there is
"torment in fear." Sin makes sad convulsions in
the conscience. Judas was so terrified with guilt
and horror—that he hanged himself, to quiet his
conscience. In order to ease his conscience—he
threw himself into hell!

Sin produces all temporal evil. Sin is the Trojan
, which has sword, and famine and pestilence,
in its belly. Sin is a coal, which not only blackens—
but burns. Sin creates all our troubles; it puts gravel
into our bread, and wormwood in our cup. Sin . . .
  rots the name,
  consumes the estate,
  buries loved ones.

Sin unrepented of, brings final damnation. The canker
which breeds in the rose—is the cause of its perishing.
Just so, the corruptions which breed in men's souls—are
the cause of their damning. Sin's pleasure will turn to
sorrow at last. Like the book the prophet ate—sin is
sweet in the mouth—but bitter in the belly. Sin brings
the wrath of God! What tears can quench that fire?