I would have been perfectly submissive!

(Theodore Cuyler, "God's Light on Dark Clouds")

None of us has any trouble in accepting the doctrine of God's sovereignty—as long as things go to our liking! We are perfectly satisfied to let God have His way—as long as He does not cross us! We all believe in His administration, and are ready to "vote God in as our governor" as long as our business thrives, and our crops are plentiful, and everyone around our own table is healthy and happy.

As long as His mercies are poured out in sweet wine—we drink of them gladly. But as soon as the same cup begins to taste of wormwood—we push it away in disgust, or cry out piteously, "Let this cup pass from me! Any other cup I would have swallowed—but not this one! If God had only tried me with the loss of property, and spared my health—I could have borne it! Or if He had sent the sickness at some other time—I would not murmur so! Or if His blow had struck me somewhere else but in my most tender spot—I would not cry out so bitterly! In short, if God had only consulted me as to the medicine I should take, and as to which branch His pruning knife should lop off—I would have been perfectly submissive!"

As some of our readers may just now be smarting under God's strokes of discipline, or letting their hearts fester into rebellion—let me whisper this precious truth into their ears: our Heavenly Father never afflicts one of His children—but for a wise purpose. He never strikes at random—or deals one blow in cruelty!