This huge mass of rubbish!

(J. C. Ryle, "What Do We Owe to the Reformation?")

We have neither an adequate conception of the
from which the Reformation freed us—nor
of the enormous good which it brought in.

In the days when the Roman Catholic Church ruled
England—he who desired to obtain forgiveness of
his sins—had to seek it through a jungle of . . .
  and the like!

This huge mass of rubbish was shoveled
out of the way
by the Reformers. They taught
that justification was by faith alone, and that
every heavy-laden sinner on earth had a right
to go straight to the Lord Jesus Christ for
remission of sins—without waiting for Pope
or priest, confession or absolution, masses or
extreme unction. From that time, the backbone
of English Popery was broken!

The Reformation found Englishmen steeped
in ignorance—and left them in possession of
knowledge. It found them blind—and left
them seeing.

It found them without Bibles—and left them
with a Bible in every parish.

It found them priest-ridden—and left them
enjoying the liberty which Christ bestows.

It found them strangers to saving faith, and
grace, and holiness—and left them with the
key to those things in their hands.

It found them slaves—and left them free.