A low state of piety

(William S. Plumer, "The Rock of Our Salvation" 1867)

A low state of piety paralyzes half the limbs of the body
of Christ. Cold and selfish—many never aim high. A low
estimate of evangelical doctrine, makes many indifferent
to the teachings of Christ Himself.

Love is too cold.

Faith too often staggers.

Repentance sheds too few tears.

Joy has but few spiritual feasts.

Pity for the perishing too seldom stirs the soul to its depths.

Adoring views of God have too little power over men's minds.

Hope is too feeble to impart much animation.

The standard of Christian living and morals is low.

Sadly is the Christian profession compromised.

Covetousness has fearful power.

The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye, and the
pride of life—terribly prevail among professors.

Fashion is the Juggernaut of Christendom.

Christ and Belial are invited to the same feast!

A much deeper tone of piety is needed in all the churches.

It is a great fault in professors, that they do not
more earnestly strive to imitate Christ . . .
  in love,
  in gentleness,
  in tenderness of heart,
  in submission to the will of God,
  in zeal for the divine glory,
  in self-abnegation,
  in silence under unjust reproaches,
  in all His imitable virtues.

The highest honor which we can render to
the Lord Jesus—is honestly and earnestly
to pray and labor to be like Him.