The purpose of God for our life on earth

(J. R. Miller, "Garden of the Heart" 1906)

We should get it settled in our minds, that the purpose of God for our life on earth, is to have us grow into Christ's image. We are not in this world merely to accomplish a certain amount of work—but to be fashioned into strength and beauty of character. If we would always remember this, we would not be perplexed so often by the mysteries of our lives.

If joy is ours—it is to make us better and a greater blessing to others.

If sorrow is ours—it is to purify us and bring out some line of Christ's image in us more clearly.

If our hopes are disappointed—it is because God has some better things for us, than that which we so earnestly desired.

If we are called to endure pain—it is because the best in us can be called out only by pain.

If bereavement comes and we are left without the strong human arm we have leaned upon heretofore—it is because there are elements of strength in our life, which never could be developed unless the human supports were taken away.

If our burdens are heavy—it is because we grow best under burdens.

If we are wronged by others—it is to teach us better, the great lessons of patience and sweet temper.

If our circumstances are uncongenial and our condition hard—it is that we may be disciplined into self-control, and may learn to be content in whatever state we are in.

The Master is always teaching us new lessons, making us into the beauty of the pattern He has set for us, and preparing us for greater usefulness and better service.