Unfathomable oceans of grace

(Robert Murray McCheyne)

"Let us fix our eyes on Jesus!" Hebrews 12:2

For every look at self—take ten looks at Christ!
Live near to Jesus—and all things will appear
little to you in comparison with eternal realities.

How many millions of dazzling pearls and gems are
at this moment hidden in the deep recesses of the
ocean caves. Likewise, unfathomable oceans of
are in Christ for you. Dive and dive again—
you will never come to the bottom of these depths!

When you gaze upon the sun—it makes everything
else dark; when you taste honey—it makes everything
else tasteless. Likewise, when your soul feeds on Jesus
—it takes away the sweetness of all earthly things;
praise, pleasure, fleshly lusts, all lose their sweetness.
Keep a continued gaze! Run, looking unto Jesus. So
will the world be crucified to you—and you unto the world!