Loving the unseen Christ

(J. R. Miller, "In Green Pastures")

Holy thoughts in the heart, transfigure the life.
Your daily thoughts—build up your character.
Our hearts are the quarries where the blocks are
fashioned, which we build into our life-temple. If
our thoughts and meditations are holy, beautiful,
true, pure, loving, and gentle—our life will grow
into Christ-likeness.

Drummond tells of a young girl whose character
ripened into rare beauty—"one of the loveliest lives,"
he says, "that ever bloomed on earth!" She always
wore around her neck a little locket. But no one was
ever allowed to open the locket or to know what it

Once, however, in a time of dangerous illness, she
permitted a friend to look within it, and there she
saw the words, "Whom having not seen—I love."
That was the secret of the dear child's transfiguration
of character—loving the unseen Christ. The same
love—warm, tender, earnest, glowing in the heart
year after year—will transfigure any life into
heavenly beauty!