We will be like Him!

(J. R. Miller, "In Green Pastures" 1890)

"We know that when He appearsówe
 will be like Him!
" 1 John 3:2

As the beauty of Christ's character glows before us
in the light of the Gospelsówe should say, "That is
what I am to be some day! I am now very far from
itóbut I am to reach it. That is my assured destiny!"

Such a hope cherished in the heart, has a wondrous
uplifting power.

Since we are so soon to be like Christówe should
seek to grow continually in grace and virtue. We
should daily be getting a little more like Christ
in character, in temper, in disposition, in affection.
Our aim should be to bring every thought, and
every emotion, and every desireóinto sweet
subjection to Christ.

We should not only cherish the blessed vision
óbut should seek daily to grow into its divine
beauty! "We know that when He appearsówe
will be like Him!
" 1 John 3:2