Too much pleasure is a pain!

(Thomas Watson, "The Lord's Prayer")

"In Your presence is fullness of joy; in Your right
 hand are eternal pleasures!" Psalm 16:11

The glories of heaven are constantly exhilarating
and refreshing. There is fullness—but no excess.

Worldly comforts, though sweet—yet grow stale
in time. A down-bed pleases awhile—but soon we
are weary and must rise. Too much pleasure
is a pain!
But the glory of heaven never gluts;
because, as there are all imaginable rarities, so
every moment fresh delights spring from God
into the glorified soul.

In the kingdom of heaven—we shall be freed from
the vanity and dissatisfaction of the creature. Take
those worldly things which are most pleasing, and
from which we promise ourselves most contentment
—still, of the spirit and essence of them all—we shall
say, "Behold, all was vanity—a chasing after the
wind!" Ecclesiastes 2:11

God never did, nor ever will—put a satisfying
into any creature.
In the sweetest music
the world makes, either some string is lacking, or
out of tune. But in the kingdom of heaven, we shall
be freed from these dissatisfactions.

The world is like a painted landscape, in which
you may see gardens with fruit trees, beautifully
drawn—but you cannot enter them. But into the
joys of heaven, you may enter. "Enter into the joy
of your Lord!" The soul shall be satisfied while it
bathes in those rivers of pleasure at God's right
hand. "I will be fully satisfied—for I will see You
face to face!" Psalm 17:15