If this cockatrice is not crushed in the egg!

("The Mute Christian Under the Smarting Rod"
 or, "The Silent Soul with Sovereign Antidotes"
 by Thomas Brooks, 1659, London.)

"See how terrible sin really is." Romans 7:13

There is infinitely more evil in the least sin—than
there is in the greatest miseries and afflictions that
can possibly come upon you! Yes, there is more evil
in the least sin—than there is in all the troubles that
ever come upon the world; yes, than there is in all
the miseries and torments of hell! The least sin . . .
  is an offense to the great God;
  is a wrong to the immortal soul;
  is a breach of God's righteous law;
  cannot be washed away but by the blood of Jesus;
  will shut the soul out of heaven, and
  shut the soul up as a prisoner in hell forever and ever!

The least sin is rather to be avoided and prevented—
than the greatest sufferings. If this cockatrice is not
crushed in the egg
—it will soon become a serpent!

Sin, if but thought on and pondered
will break out into action
action into custom
custom into habit—and then,
both body and soul are eternally and irrecoverably lost!

If the serpent can but wriggle in his tail by an evil
thought, he will soon make a surprise of the soul—as
you see in that sad instance of Adam and Eve.

The least sin is very dangerous!
Caesar was stabbed to death with a small needle.
Herod was eaten up by small worms.
Pope Adrian was choked with a gnat.
A scorpion is little, yet is able to sting a lion to death.
The least spark, may consume the greatest house.
The least leak, may sink the greatest ship.
A whole arm has been gangrened, by a pick of the little finger.
A little opened door, may betray the greatest city.
A pinch of poison diffuses itself into all parts, until it strangles
   the vital spirits, and turns out the soul from the body.
The least sin is very dangerous!