You are complete in Him

(James Wells, 1839)

"They will say of Me--In the Lord alone are
 righteousness and strength
." Isaiah 45:24

Those who are taught of God feel that they are
but dust and ashes, that they are vile, carnal,
sold under sin, helpless, and have no might of
their own. Where this experience is--the great
truths of the Gospel become interwoven in their
souls, mingled with their minds, and so entwined
about their hearts--that they are carried away in
their affections . . .
  from earthly things--to heavenly things;
  from sin--to salvation;
  from this world--to that which is to come.

Their hope is in heaven, they have no confidence
in the flesh--but in the Lord alone, they have
righteousness and strength, life and light, joy and
gladness, glory and honor. Unto these things they
look; for these things they seek; upon these things
they live; of these things they boast; and by these
things they defy death, hell and the grave! They
thus put on Christ, walk in Him, commune with
Him--and rest ALL their hopes upon HIS holy life,
and sin-atoning death.

His life is our justification.
His death is . . .
  our redemption,
  our pardon,
  our sanctification,
  our victory, and
  our peace with God.

"You are complete in Him." Colossians 2:10