Where is your treasure?

(Matthew Mead, "A Name in Heaven, the Truest
 Ground of Joy")

This is the counsel of the blessed Jesus—"Lay up
for yourselves treasures in heaven!" Matthew 6:20

The treasures of most men are perishing, earthly
treasures; cankered and moth-eaten treasures;
treasures of vanity!

Where is your treasure?

Is it in this world—or in the eternal world?

Is it in present vanities—or in future glory?

Is it in present contentments—or in an
everlasting inheritance?

Is it in food and feasting—or is it in the
light of God's countenance?

Is it in profits, pleasures, and honors
—or is it in grace and glory?

"Where your treasure is—there your
 heart will be also." Luke 12:34