Daily supplies

(Thomas Vincent, "Love to the Unseen Christ")

Such as are very wealthy, are greatly loved by the
poor and indigent—if they find them also to have
large hearts and open hands—ready to distribute
unto their needs and necessities.

Consider Christ's fullness and all-sufficiency. None
have such fullness and plenty as the Lord Jesus
Christ—and none are so willing to give unto the
needs of such as are poor in spirit, and sensible
of their need.

"It has pleased the Father, that in Him all fullness
should dwell!" Colossians 1:19. There is not only
fullness in Him—but all fullness! Not the fullness
of the cistern—but the fullness of the fountain!
Not the fullness only of sufficiency for Himself—but
the fullness of redundancy for His people! Not some
fullness for some good things—but all fullness for
all good things! Not fullness for some time, and to
continue but for awhile—but all fullness dwells in
Him, and abides for all His people throughout all

Christians have need of daily supplies of
Christ's grace. They have need of Christ . . .
  when they are dark—to enlighten them;
  when they are deadened—to quicken them;
  when they are straitened—to enlarge them;
  when they are weak—to strengthen them;
  when they are sad—to comfort them;
  when they are tempted—to support them;
  when they are fallen—to raise them;
  when they are in doubts—to resolve them;
  when they are under fears—to encourage them;
  when they stagger—to establish them;
  when they wander—to restore them!
None but Christ can do all this—and more
than this, for them!

You are empty—Christ is full!
You are poor—Christ is rich!
You are indigent—Christ is all-sufficient!

Christians, will not you love Christ—who is able
to do for you beyond what you are able to ask
or think; and is as willing as He is able to supply
all your spiritual necessities? Will you not love
Christ—who is an overflowing and everflowing
fountain of goodness; who has inexhaustible
treasures of graces and comforts in Him, which
are set open before you, and unto you—and
every day you may freely come and fetch such
jewels out of His treasury as are of higher worth,
and of greater use, than any earthly riches!