Consider what Christ is to you!

(Thomas Vincent, "Love to the Unseen Christ")

Christian! Consider what Christ is to you!

Christ is your Shepherd—He feeds you in green
pastures. He has laid down His life for His sheep.
Will you not love such a Shepherd?

Christ is your Captain—who has conquered all
your enemies for you, and leads you on to take
the spoils. Will you not love such a Leader?

Christ is your Prophet—who teaches you the
most excellent things which ever were taught,
the highest mysteries, the most glorious truths,
which are of the greatest concern to know and
believe! He teaches you in the most excellent
way—by His Word and Spirit; opening your
understandings as well as His truths, giving
you light and an eye to discern this light.
Will you not love such a Teacher?

Christ is your High Priest—who has made an
atoning sacrifice for your sins to reconcile you
unto God. He now makes intercession for you
—which is incessant and prevalent. Will you
not love such an Advocate?

Christ is your King—who rules you most wisely,
righteously and graciously. Will you
not love such a Sovereign?

Christ is your Benefactor—the most kind and
bountiful. No gifts are comparable unto His gifts!
Will you not love such a Friend?

Christ is your Brother—if He is not ashamed
to own you for His brothers and sisters—will it
not be a shame if you should withhold from
Him your hearts?

Christ is your Husband—and you are joined
to Him in such bonds as cannot be broken.
Will not you embrace Him in the arms of
your dearest love?

Christ is your Redeemer—who rescued and
delivered you from sin and Satan, from death
and wrath! He has redeemed you by price, the
price of His blood. Has He not, then, given the
greatest price for your love? He has redeemed
you also by conquest. Shall He not make a
conquest of your hearts?

Surely you are altogether unworthy of these
relations—if you do not present Christ with
your most endeared and choicest affections.