Keep this medicine next to your heart

(Thomas Watson, "The Lord's Supper")

"The people of Israel called the bread manna.
 It was white like coriander seed and tasted
 like wafers made with honey." Exodus 16:31

The manna was a lively type and emblem of Christ,
for manna was sweet. It was a delicious food—and
was called angel's food for its excellency. Psalm
78:25. So Christ, the sacramental manna, is sweet
to a believer's soul. "His fruit was sweet to my taste,"
Song of Solomon 2:3. Everything of Christ is sweet.
His name is sweet. His virtue is sweet. This manna
sweetens the bitter waters of Marah.

Nay, Christ's flesh excels manna. Manna was food—but
not medicine. If an Israelite had been sick, manna could
not have cured him. But this blessed manna is not only
for food—but for medicine! Christ has healing under His
wings, Malachi 4:2. He heals the blind eye, and the hard
. Keep this medicine next to your heart—and it
will heal you of all your spiritual distempers!

Also, manna was corruptible. It ceased when Israel came
to Canaan. But this blessed manna will never cease! The
saints will feed with infinite delight and soul satisfaction,
upon Christ—to all eternity! The joys of heaven would
cease—if this manna would cease.

Every crumb of this Bread of life is precious!