The acorns with which God feeds swine!

(Thomas Watson, "The Art of Divine Contentment")

"I envied the arrogant when I saw the prosperity
 of the wicked!
"  Psalm 73:3

It is often that the evil enjoy all the good—and the
good endure all the evil. Be contented; for remember:

Worldly goods are not the only things, nor the best
things. They are mere temporal blessings. These are
but the acorns with which God feeds swine!
You who are believers have more choice fruit—the
olive, the pomegranate, the fruit which grows on
the true vine Jesus Christ! Others have the fat of
the earth
—you have the dew of heaven! They have
muddied puddles—but you have those springs of
living water
which are purified with Christ's blood,
and filled with His love!

To see the wicked flourish is rather a matter of pity,
than of envy! This is all the heaven they will
"Woe to you who are rich, for you have your
only happiness now!" (Luke 6:24)  Hence it was,
that David made it his solemn prayer, "Deliver me
from the wicked, from men of the world, who have
their portion in this life!"
Psalm 17:15

When the wicked have eaten of their dainty dishes
—there comes in a sad reckoning, which will spoil all.

We should not envy a man who will fry and blaze
in hell—let him have enough of the fat of the earth.
O remember—for every sand of mercy which runs
out of the wicked, God puts a drop of wrath into
His vial! "You are storing up wrath for yourself in
the day of wrath, when God’s righteous judgment
is revealed." Romans 2:5

Do you envy the wicked? Alas! their prosperity is
like Haman's banquet—before his execution! If a
man were to be hanged—would you envy to see
him walk to the gallows through pleasant fields, or
to see him go up the ladder in expensive clothing?

"I will curse your blessings!" (Malachi 2:2) Whatever
a sinner enjoys—he has a curse with it! And shall we
envy him? Would we envy a dog—if poisoned food
was given to it!