Behold, all was vanity!

(Watson, "The Substantial Excellency of Spiritual Things

"Why do you spend money on what is not food, and your
 wages on what does not satisfy?"
Isaiah 55:2

See the difference between the things of God—and the
things of the world. The things of God are substance;
the things of the world are but a shadow. They are like
fruit-trees drawn in a landscape, which more delight
the eye, than the taste.

All earthly comforts are only imaginary; they are not
substance. Riches look like riches—but they are not
true riches; our Savior calls them deceitful riches. They
promise to ease us of our cares—when they only multiply
them. They promise to fulfill our desires—when they
only increase them.

Beauty looks like beauty—but it rather deludes than
delights. Proverbs 31:30, "Beauty is vain." The finest
features of the body, and the most lovely face—are
nothing other than well-colored dirt!

There is nothing in the world which has reality, but
sorrows and troubles. Solomon had made the most
critical inspection into the world, of any man; for
variety of delights, he exceeded all the kings who
went before him. Yet, in all this, he could find no
substance, "Behold, all was vanity!"
Eccles. 2:11

Earthly things are golden dreams, which leave the
soul empty when it awakens and comes to itself.
All the sweet waters of pleasure cannot quench the
soul's insatiable thirst; nor can the most ravishing
music fill the clamors of conscience. Satan casts a
mist before men's eyes and deceives them—making
them set real affections upon false delights. The
Scripture deciphers the world, to be a non-entity,
"Will you set your eye on that which is not?"
Proverbs 23:5

But he who has spiritual things, inherits substance.
Christ, and grace, and heaven, are substance.

True wisdom—is to know God.

True honor—is to be born of God.

True beauty—is to have the image of God.

True riches—is to be rich in faith.

True victory—is to overcome the world.

True delight—is to have joy in the Holy Spirit.

True happiness—is to see God.

Here is real substance—which will fill the
soul eternally with wonder and delight!