A voyage to hell

(Thomas Watson, "The Doctrine of Repentance")

"Who of us can dwell with everlasting burnings!"
    Isaiah 33:14

Sin is like oil, and God's wrath is like fire. As long
as the damned continue sinning—so long will the fire
continue scorching! "They cursed the God of heaven
for their pains and sores. But they refused to repent
of all their evil deeds!" Revelation 16:11

But men question the truth of this, and are like impious
Devonax who, being threatened with hell for his villainies,
mocked at it and said, "I will believe there is a hell when
I come there—and not before!"
We cannot make hell
enter into men—until they enter into hell.

If, for all this, men will persist in sin and are resolved
upon a voyage to hell—who can hinder their damnation?
They have been told what a soul-damning rock sin is—but
if they will voluntarily run upon it and damn themselves—
their blood is upon their own head!