One second of glory!

(Arthur Pink, "Comfort for Christians")

"I consider that our present sufferings are not worth
 comparing with the glory which will be revealed in us."
     Romans 8:18

Paul here weighed the "sufferings" of this present time,
over against the "glory" which shall be revealed in us;
and as he did so, he declared that the one is "not worth
comparing" with the other. The one is transient—the other
eternal. As, then, there is no proportion between the finite
and the infinite—so there is no comparison between the
sufferings of earth, and the glory of heaven.

One second of glory will outweigh a lifetime of suffering!
What were the years of toil, of sickness, of battling with
poverty, of sorrow in any or every form—when compared
with the glory of Immanuel's land! One draught of the river
of pleasure at God's right hand; one breath of Paradise;
one hour amid the blood-washed around the throne—shall
more than compensate for all the tears and groans of earth!

May the Holy Spirit enable us to lay hold of this with
appropriating faith, and live in the present possession
and enjoyment of it—to the praise of the glory of
Divine grace!